Success of V-Tech Precision Mindfulness Training Course

Success of V-Tech Precision Mindfulness Training Course

V-Tech Precision Co., Ltd. held training course in Taipei CMoney Training Center on April 5 and 6, 2017.

The concept of mindfulness was originally derived from Buddhist meditation. It was developed from Zazen, meditation and enlightenment. Focus and perceive what arises in the moment purposefully and consciously, but not make any judgement, analysis and reaction. Just perceive and pay attention to it.

Mindfulness entered business world in recent ten years. Companies encourage employees and managers to practice mindfulness, focus on the present moment, improve working efficiency, and help employees and managers to manage and face problems better.

The main training target this time is to understand importance of mindfulness used in life and work, and develop method and attitude of mindfulness awareness.

Four major subjects for the course: 1. Decompression practice. 2. Attention training and EQ (Emotional Quotient). 3. Sensation listening and mindfulness communication. 4. Open decision-making ability.

Trainees are from top and middle management team in Taiwan and the mainland of China. In the two days’ training, practice, group discussion and feedback is mainly used along with lectures.