Success of GD&T 2019 Annual First Training

Success of GD&T 2019 Annual First Training


V-Tech Group Annual second GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing) training was held on January 24 and 25 in Suzhou. We invited Mr. Mike Long, Asia Representative of Tec-Ease, Inc. and invited 30 VIP customers to attend the training.


The training was held in V-Tech Group’s Suzhou Branch Company-Suzhou Magnus Trading Co., Ltd.

We showed several measuring machines onsite including Micro-Vu high precision measuring machines together with robot arm, MTP optical measuring machine, Metrios Workshop measuring machine.

The two days training focused on below topics:

  1. US ASME Y14.5M-2009 GD&T basic concepts
  2. GD&T symbols, terms, concepts and rules
  3. Maximum/Least Material Condition (MMC/LMC), Bonus Tolerance, Datum Shift, ZT@MMC
  4. FOS Rule #1, Regardless of Feature Size(RFS) (Rule #2)
  5. Controlling datum features & Applications
  6. Form, Orientation, Profile, Position, Runout
  7. Tolerance Zone
  8. Go-No Go Gages & Gage Design

Training Outlines:

Mike Long explained in detail on the textbook content. He helped the trainees to establish clear theoretical framework and combined with actual cases

Attentive Listening Onsite

V-Tech Group senior engineer communicated fully with the customers, explaining doubts and difficulty concerning GD&T

V-Tech Group Chief Engineer Introducing Company and Products for customers.

Senior engineers and sales demonstrated machine applications for customers, solving their measuring problems met in their work.

Many customers also gave us valuable suggestions according to this training, which was a most rewarding gain for us to improve our training organization in the future.


We will constantly bring forth new ides in accordance with customers’ requirements. We devote ourselves to providing competitive measuring solutions and service for customers, constantly improving customers’ experience and creating maximum value for customers.


We will continue to improve ourselves to meet customer’s needs, returning every customer with excellent quality and service.