Dale Carnegie Full Marketing Training from September 26 to 28

Dale Carnegie Full Marketing Training from September 26 to 28


V-Tech Group Dale Carnegie Trainees Group Picture on Sep. 26, 2018

V-Tech Group held second Dale Carnegie Training this year from September 26 to 28 for three days at Taipei. 30 trainees from Taipei, Taichung, Suzhou and Beijing Branches attended the training.

Tom Liu, President of V-Tech Group, raised his high expectation to every trainee: educations changes human’s behavior and habit. Selling skill is necessary to every person. Only people who are highly interested in studying can master the general trend of success. 

In the words of the German philosopher, Karl Theodor Jaspers, “Education is a tree shaking another tree, a cloud nudging another a cloud, and a soul awakening another soul.

Core culture of V-Tech Group is people-oriented, which is emphasizing respect, understanding and trust to every employee. Through training employee can be more competent to current daily work and task in the future. Training helps to explore potentiality of every employee, influencing work and life gradually.

Topic of Dale Carnegie Training this time is Full Marketing, Striving for New Success.

Picture of John Hei and Tom Liu


John Hei, founder of Chinese Dale Carnegie Training was present.

Mr. Hei shared his opinions on his definition of good company with 30 trainees onsite. It depends on two questions: whether you receive respect in the company and whether there is growth space for you in the company.

Respect includes employee’s work outcome is respected and employee is not criticized and blamed. Respect also includes respect in family and life, as respect between wife and husband, respect between parents and kids.

Growth space not only means job promotion, but also means whether employee is becoming happier, more enthusiastic and more grateful in the company. Dale Carnegie Training aims to help every trainee to be a better person, improve relationship in the company, family and friends, which will result in improvement on work performance.

A good company=full of respect + growth space.

Mr. Hei’s words enlightened every trainee onsite. It the quickest way for studying from the laws concluded by experts in certain fields, experience shared, and advice given.

Trainees stood in a queue, waiting for signature and picture taken together with Mr. John Hei.

30 trainees were fully engaged in the three-days training.
Group discussion
Cross-Group interaction
Champion after competition onsite
Presenting graduation certificates

Mr. Liao awarded Mr. Tom Liu Participation certificate


A quality talent team is required if enterprise intend to participate marking competition. The level of employees’ quality determines whether enterprise can be in an invincible position. Employees received professional training create outstanding achievement in their own post.

Full marketing training supplements, update, broaden and improves employees’ knowledge, improves their skills and creativity, unite and arose employees to the object and task of enterprise’s development.

Attitude + Method=Win of company, customers and sales persons.

Training just like a window, reflecting an enterprise’s image and style. It builds brand of the enterprise and increases competitive edge.

Thank the generous and willing-to-share V-Tech Group boss. Training improves employees’ ability, which provides possibility for better working performance and chance of promotion and higher income.